Expert Air Conditioning Maintenance Services in Gilroy, CA

As an invaluable investment in your home’s comfort and safety, protecting your HVAC system means giving it the support it needs for peak performance. There’s no better way to ensure longevity and efficiency than routine tune-ups as part of AC maintenance from Modern Air.

The more well-maintained your air conditioner is, the better equipped it is to handle hot summer temperatures without worry. This means that routine maintenance from local technicians can give your AC what it needs to deliver the most efficient cooling possible.

Modern Air’s all-inclusive tune-up service keeps your cooling system running smoothly. Not only can you limit the risk of major breakdowns, but maintenance can even extend its life span. Your seasoned technician will evaluate the health of the system and check for any problems before replacing worn parts and fixing anything else that needs it.

For Total, Long-Lasting Peace of Mind, Sign Up for an HVAC Maintenance Plan from Modern Air

We make routine tune-ups look like a breeze, but make no mistake; we ensure your unit is regularly serviced and in tip-top shape.

Make sure both your AC and your sense of summer comfort are secure with an AC tune-up from your local HVAC company in Gilroy—Modern Air. Schedule your appointment by calling 408-497-0444today! 

What to Expect When Choosing Modern Air for Your AC Maintenance Plan

At Modern Air, our air conditioning maintenance program gives your heating system a full checkup, inside and out. Our cooling specialists make sure everything’s running smoothly so your AC system cruises through even the hottest summers.

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for the Modern Air AC Maintenance Program:

  • A full review of heating and cooling systems: We’ll carefully inspect key components for signs of wear along with many other maintenance tasks, like checking electrical connections. This makes sure everything is in good working order and helps identify potential issues—so they can be fixed before they become major problems that need air conditioning repair in Gilroy. We also clean or replace filters, so that your system operates in the most efficient way possible.
  • A strong layer of protection for one monthly fee: For only $15 per month, you get two service visits each year for your home HVAC system—one in the fall and one in the spring.
  • Discounts, priority service and more: Membership comes with other great benefits like 10% off parts and repairs, 5% off new equipment and even priority scheduling for diagnostics and air conditioning installation in Gilroy.
  • Open communication and advice from our expert team: If we find problems during the inspection, we’ll provide detailed recommendation for your best move forward. Whether that means HVAC repair or total AC replacement, you can trust you will have everything you need to make informed decisions.

Five Benefits of Routine AC Maintenance in Gilroy, CA

Why does routine air conditioning maintenance benefit your HVAC system so much? A regular inspection and cleaning of your system keeps it operating so smoothly because it’s a chance for us to find small issues before they turn into major problems down the road. After all, the last thing you want is for your AC to suffer a catastrophic breakdown that could’ve been avoided.

But those are only some of the perks we’ve packed into our maintenance service. Investing in regular tune-ups can ensure you maximize your investment in air conditioning installation, which means efficient power, energy efficient-cooling for longer.

Other benefits of routine air conditioning maintenance include:

High energy efficiency: Regular maintenance ensures your air conditioning unit runs at its peak efficiency, saving energy and reducing costs.

Smaller repair bills: Resolving problems early during maintenance can prevent more expensive repairs and even breakdowns in the future. This makes preventive residential HVAC services in Gilroy one of the best investments you can make.

Clean, healthy indoor air quality: Maintenance tasks like cleaning or replacing the air filters promotes higher indoor air quality and better health.

Best chance of a long system life span: Routine maintenance, especially with new equipment, can potentially extend the life span of your unit and stave off premature replacement. Earning a few more years of reliable cooling is a part of maintenance every homeowner appreciates.

A more complete sense of comfort: Well-maintained air conditioners deliver the most efficient cooling, ensuring your home stays cool all summer long.

Keep Cool Every Summer with AC Maintenance in Gilroy

A couple visits each year for the best possible cooling performance? That’s a pretty good deal in our opinion. If you want to talk tune-ups with the pros at Modern Air, contact us online or over the phone at 408-497-0444 today.

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