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An air conditioner is key to staying comfortable in the hot California weather. When your AC breaks down or shows signs of failing, it’s crucial to get it fixed and back online ASAP. For top-notch air conditioning repair in Gilroy, CA, homeowners turn to Modern Air. Our team of highly trained HVAC technicians is prompt, professional and prepared. We carry trusted brands like Lennox and use only the highest quality replacement parts, which provide lasting repairs that restore comfort and efficiency to your home. Plus, we offer air conditioning installation in Gilroy for those looking to upgrade, and also provide routine AC maintenance to keep your system in peak condition. When you need AC repair, contact the HVAC Company in Gilroy known for unparalleled quality and reliability—Modern Air.  Call 408-497-0444 or contact us online today to schedule an appointment.

Five Signs to Call a Pro for AC Repair in Gilroy, CA

When your air conditioner isn’t working right or starts to fail, the situation demands immediate attention. Delaying repairs can lead to increased energy bills as the system strains to maintain desired temperatures. Neglected issues also could escalate, potentially causing more severe damage to your equipment, resulting in costly repairs or even premature replacement. That’s why it’s important to call Modern Air as soon as you suspect you need AC Repair in Gilroy or the surrounding cities.

Here are five signs your AC needs repair:

Your AC won’t blow cold air: If your AC is blowing hot air instead of cold air, that’s a sign you should call a professional for repair.

Your AC has weak airflow: An air conditioner that produces weak airflow could have clogged filters, ductwork or mechanical issues that need attention.

Your AC can’t keep up: If your air conditioning can no longer cool your home like it used to, it could be experiencing a mechanical issue or be losing efficiency and need replacement.

Your AC makes odd noises: Any strange sounds coming from your air conditioning need investigation, especially grinding, rattling or squealing.

Your AC is leaking. If you see any water around your air conditioning equipment, call an experienced HVAC technician right away. Any leaking water in a home can cause expensive damage, so it’s important to get that fixed.

Modern Air’s Maintenance Program

Consider enrolling in our preventive maintenance program for benefits such as special discounts and priority service.

Keep Your Cooling System at Its Best with AC Maintenance

There’s no reason for AC maintenance to be a hassle—join the Modern Air maintenance program to make taking care of your cooling system easy and convenient. Air conditioning maintenance in Gilroy, CA, has never been so easy, with comprehensive seasonal checkups, priority scheduling and discounts on service and equipment—all for one low monthly fee.

Why Choose Modern Air for your Air Conditioning Repair Services in Gilroy, California

Calling Modern Air for air conditioner repair in Gilroy means choosing a company with reliability, expertise and dedication to customer service. With a long-standing reputation for excellence, Modern Air has a commitment to quality craftsmanship that your home deserves.

Modern Air also provides commercial and residential HVAC services in Gilroy and the surrounding communities. Our full slate of heating and cooling services also includes heat pump and furnace installation, repair and maintenance. We even service and install ductless mini-splits and wall heaters.

Call or text 408-497-0444 today or schedule your appointment online for high-quality HVAC Service in Gilroy.

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