Protect Your HVAC System with a maintenance program from Modern Air

Your HVAC system works tirelessly to keep you comfortable year-round, so it deserves extra care and attention. At Modern Air, we’ve created a streamlined maintenance program perfect for anyone who wants to take the guesswork out of HVAC. With a few quick, easy tune-ups, you’ll get the very best from your heating and cooling.

As your local HVAC experts in Morgan Hill, CA, we make HVAC maintenance look easy. You’ll enjoy greater energy efficiency and fewer problems without having to lift a finger. We also offer plenty of extra benefits if you sign up for a maintenance membership, such as special discounts and priority service. Learn all the details below!

Comprehensive Inspections and Tune-Ups to Keep Your System in Top Shape

After signing up for a maintenance program with Modern Air, you’ll receive a full inspection and tune-up of your HVAC system. Our expert technicians review everything; particularly, important components like your air conditioner’s condenser coils.

During the inspection, we’ll also look for signs of trouble. Maybe a screw is loose or an electrical connection has failed. With a maintenance visit in the spring and another each fall, they’re the perfect opportunity to find and fix these minor issues. This could be cleaning filters, testing safety switches and much more!

With this kind of detailed checklist, maintenance might seem like a complicated process. But at Modern Air, we treat routine maintenance as a preventive measure where less is more. Two maintenance visits are more than enough to keep your HVAC system running its best.

Priority Service and Special Discounts for Maintenance Program Members

Along with routine maintenance, you can enjoy all sorts of other benefits by becoming a maintenance program member. This includes priority service and special discounts for both repairs and new installations! With so much to offer, it’s almost hard to believe membership is only $15 dollars a month.

Here are some additional benefits of our maintenance programs:

  • Helpful routine maintenance reminders
  • Keep your credit card on file for easy, automatic payments
  • Detailed maintenance checklists offered for review after every tune-up
  • Equipment condition is noted and monitored to identify potential issues

Why Choose the Modern Air Maintenance Program?

Improved performance and energy efficiency: Regular maintenance improves your HVAC system’s efficiency, which means lower costs.

Smaller risk of parts failing or becoming damaged: Those maintenance visits give us a chance to look for parts that may need repairs or replacement. Doing this can prevent problems from forming in the future.

Keep new equipment warranties valid: Many HVAC system warranties require regular maintenance to remain valid. Signing up for our maintenance program keeps your warranty in good standing so you can avoid paying for repairs out of pocket.

Higher indoor air quality: Regular maintenance can improve your HVAC system’s air filtration, resulting in better indoor air quality and reduced allergy and asthma symptoms.

Extending your HVAC system’s life span: Keeping your HVAC system well-maintained helps extend its overall life span.

Sign Up For the Modern Air Maintenance Program Today

You deserve the most efficient HVAC system possible. With help from Modern Air and our maintenance program, you may be surprised by how easy it can be. Learn more by giving us a call at 408-497-0444 today.

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